Improving Your Game With the Right Baseball Gloves and Bats

Just as you need the right type of gear in order to be proficient in any sport, having the right equipment when playing baseball including baseball gloves and bats that suit you best will help you in playing a better game. A baseball mitt that fits improperly may not only adversely affect your game play, but can also result in an injury if the glove is to loose and falls off while you are attempting to catch a ball, or affect the circulation in your hand if the glove is too tight. If you are new to the game of baseball or are trying to improve your performance in the game, the following tips will help you in selecting the most suitable baseball gloves and bats to optimize your game.

Selecting the Right Baseball Mitt

Selecting the right size and type of baseball gloves and bats is essential to your performance in the game as they will have a significant affect on your ability to control the ball. The position you intend to play is the first step in selecting the right type of baseball glove as there are four primary types of gloves designed specifically for playing certain positions that include catcher, first baseman, infield, and outfield. The gloves for any of these positions are available to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed individuals, however, this can be a little confusing to those who are new to the game of baseball as a baseball mitt designed for right-handed individuals actually goes on the left hand while the mitts designed for left-handed individuals, will go on the right hand.

Selecting the right size baseball glove is an extremely important factor when choosing your glove as it will significantly affect your game performance. Adults who will be playing a position in the outfield should select a glove that is twelve to thirteen inches while those who will be playing infield should choose a glove that is ten to twelve inches in size. Gloves that are designed for specific positions such as first base and catcher will usually be stated in the manufacturer specifications. Most high quality baseball gloves come with an adjustable strap that allows you adjust the tightness of your glove around your wrist and should be adjusted until the glove fits you comfortably.

Selecting the right Baseball Bat

While baseball bats come manufactured with many different types of material, the two most preferred by professional players are made from either hard maple or white ash. The maple bats are more durable and have a higher level of hitting power when compared to the ash bats, however, they are also quite a bit heavier and the majority of players today prefer a bat that is lighter in weight. The most common baseball bat size for an average adult is approximately thirty four inches in length, however, to accommodate both children and smaller adults, there are shorter sizes available that typically start at around twenty four inches and you should select the bat that is most comfortable for you based on your size and body type. Taking your time by carefully selecting high quality baseball gloves and bats that are appropriate for you will improve your playing performance and will also give you more enjoyment while playing the game.


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